F.I.R.E. Faith Formation

Why Should I Participate in Faith Formation?

The Sacred Heart F.I.R.E. Faith Formation program experience provides a meaningful learning environment to not only enhance your child’s faith life, but yours as well! We know quality family time is a rare commodity, so we make every effort to bring your family together — with God.

The Benefits of Family Faith Formation

If faith is important at home, faith will be important everywhere! As a church, we say the primary educators of faith are the parents. Our F.I.R.E. Faith Formation program gives parents resources, tools and means to carry out this task. Parents’ involvement matters greatly. Faith formation is no longer complete at Confirmation, but is the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Our Program

At Sacred Heart, our classes meet twice-a-month and include parents. While the kids breakout into their classrooms, parents are hearing amazing speakers from around the Bay Area who motivate, teach, and give practical tips on developing faith, which parents can then share with their children. We grow in our faith by hearing, by asking, by questioning and sharing. We discuss in small groups what we can all do at home to nourish our faith. We speak about the difficulties and trials we face and give support. During the year we offer family service opportunities which create powerful and lasting family memories.

Sign up today and experience this transformational faith program as a family.